Monday, June 2, 2008

It's a family dream.

It’s a family dream.

I have been blessed with two daughters. The older one has the soul of an artist. I took her to set design classes Saturday mornings at the University of Iowa when she was in elementary school and dance classes two nights a week all through middle school. In high school she was in every single school play or musical and I saw all of them.

The younger one played sports – starting with gymnastics at age six. After she broke her elbow in practice her mother encouraged her to try other sports. Eventually she settled on tennis and I took her to lessons and clinics and eventually went to all of her high school and college matches.

I’m pretty much like millions and millions of parents around the world.

When my younger daughter, Ann, was in her last year of law school my brother was coming from Seattle to Chicago for a conference. My brother and I agreed to meet with our old roommate and go to a Cubs game. Ann – also a big Cubs fan – decided to join us. As a third-year law student, she was clerking at a firm here in Cedar Rapids. Purely coincidentally the lead attorney in a case on which she was working was located in downtown Chicago. Ever conscientious, she arranged for a meeting with the lead attorney the morning after the game to go through some paperwork. The attorney’s office was 10 blocks from our hotel, so I walked her there. We hugged on the sidewalk and as she went through the revolving door, briefcase in hand – I cried. It hit me right at that moment – my daughters were adults and I was proud of them.

Can you imagine not being able to share in your child’s crowning moment?

In two weeks we’ll know who will be wrestling for the United States in the Olympics. Will it be young stars on the rise like Henry Cejudo or Jake Deitchler, or will it be past Olympians like Patricia Miranda or Joe Williams?

Here’s something we already know – it’s going to cost at least $6,500 per person for the wrestlers’ families to go to Beijing. Some parents are already talking about mortgaging their homes to be there for their kids once more. After a lifetime of sacrifice and support– of clubs and clinics and meets and tournaments – many will do what ever it takes to be there. Some may not make it.

You can help.

USA Wrestling has established the Fuel the Dream fund. When you contribute, 50% of your donation will go directly to the Olympic team members. The other half will go toward developing our future Olympic athletes. USA Wrestling is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible.

Please join me in supporting these athletes and their families. You can mail a check to

USA Wrestling’s Fuel the Dream
6155 Lehman Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
or go to

and donate online.

Thank you.

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