Monday, December 15, 2008

The Road to Cedar Rapids - Volume 3

Top 10 reasons to come to Cedar Rapids for the NCAA Division III wrestling championships (March 6 & 7, 2009)
10. To see the Tree of Five Seasons (and learn what the 5th season is).


9. To learn to identify what Quaker is cooking - oatmeal or Cap’n Crunch?

8. To visit Cornell College and see the 1947 NCAA and AAU national championship wrestling trophies – the smallest school ever to win the large school NCAA title.

7. A one hour drive will get you to the re-opened Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum.

6. Local entertainment favorite, Penguin's Comedy Club, will be featuring TC Hatter and Marcianne.

5. The Big Ten Championships are all the way out at Penn State.

4. My Second Annual Division III Wrestling Championships Reception at the Cedar Rapids Marriott – Free food and adult beverages.

3. To help break the all-time Division III Wrestling Championships attendance record.

2. To help a great community recover from the worst natural disaster in its history.

AND the number 1 reason to come to Cedar Rapids for the Division III Wrestling Championships:

To watch some of the most dedicated student-athletes in college sports vie for an NCAA title.

Author’s note: It’s the holiday season and hundreds of families in Cedar Rapids are still without homes. Hopes for a merry Christmas are dim for many of them. You can help in a number of ways.

Many families need gift cards from stores like Lowe’s, Menard’s and Home Depot to help rebuild their homes. These cards can be sent to

United Way of Eastern Iowa
1030 5th Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation is coordinating several flood recovery funds. Find out more at their website.

The local Salvation Army is working hard to help. You can donate to them at

Salvation Army
PO Box 8056
Cedar Rapids, IA 52408-8056


Mike said...

What exactly is the Tree of Five Seasons? Looks neat, but I've never been out that way.

Speaking of #7, here's some footage I just found that you might be interested in:

No sound but that of an old-time projector. Pretty cool stuff, worth seeing his only loss!

We're actually looking for NCAA Wrestling bloggers at, the largest college sports site on the net. You seem passionate and knowledgeable so I decided to approach you in hopes you'll blog with us.

What would we be looking for? Nothing different than what you're doing here, although you'd have a larger audience and more commentary on your entries.

Take a look and let me know if you're interested at

We'd love to have you blogging on the way to the D-III Championships in your hometown and hopefully past that. Can't wait to hear from you!


Jim Brown said...


Thanks for visiting. CedarRapids dubbed itself "The City of Five Seasons" back in the '80s. The 5th season is "the time to enjoy the other 4". The tree was created by a local ad agency in the late '80s and is a local landmark. When you drive through here on I-380 it's just after the famous "S" curve if you're headed north - just before if you're headed south.

I'd love to add my blog to your mix. The more people that read about college wrestling - the better.

My blogs re not always about college wrestling - sometimes they're about high school and sometimes they're about the international (Olympic) scene.

Let's discuss the next step.

Jim Brown

EPHFAN said...

When I was @ the nationals last year, I saw the sign reading " the city of five seasons" and asked a local what the 5th season is, and he instantly responded "wrestling season, of course". It's a great city and great people.

EPHFAN said...

When I was @ the nationals last year, I asked a local what the 5th season is , and he instantly responded " wrestling season , of course". It's a great city with great people, and I'm looking forward to this coming March.

Jim Brown said...


As I mention in the blog - I hold a reception at the Cedar Rapids Marriott on the Thursday night before the championships. Please join us this year.