Monday, December 29, 2008

I resolve

I resolve to move down at least one weight class this year. I really shouldn’t be a 5’7” heavyweight. I’ll probably have to cut out the ice cream cones at Carver Hawkeye.

I resolve to yell, “What’s he doin’?” only once a meet.

I resolve to care about the growth of new wrestling programs like Grand View, California Baptist, Jamestown College and Baker University as much as I care about the ones that get dropped.

I resolve to convert at least one new person into a wrestling fan (perhaps one of my sons-in-law).

I resolve to attend more high school meets.

I resolve to meet more of my online friends in person (National Duals anyone?)

I resolve to quote Tom Brands no more than once every two blogs (even though he says some of the most interesting things in wrestling).

Finally, I resolve to not take myself too seriously. I’m just a fan who writes a blog about the “world’s oldest and greatest sport”.

Happy New Year, everyone. May it be healthy, joyful and profitable.

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Mike said...


Shoot me an email at We're definitely interested in adding your blog to our site; if you'd like to drive traffic back here, just link to it from your college fanz blog and say something like "For more non-collegiate wrestling info, check out 'The View from section GG'"

I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the new year!