Sunday, August 7, 2011

You can be anything

You can be a tough 125 pound kid from a small town in Illinois.

Or a tough 124 pound girl from New York City.

You can outwork your opponents.

Or you can out dazzle them.

You can be blind.

You can be missing a leg.

Or two.

You can come out of retirement after coaching your team to an NCAA title.

You can come from Mongolia to win 3 NCAA Division III championships for St Johns University in Minnesota.

Or come from Del City, Oklahoma to win 6 Olympic and World gold medals for your country.

You can walk off the mat and get elected to the Senate - or write best selling novels - or save millions from starvation - or fly in space - or lead Fortune 500 corporations. You can even be president of the United States.

Wrestling - the sport of opportunity.

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