Monday, October 1, 2007

What I hope to see this season.

The first college wrestling matches are about a month away. Here are some things I hope I’ll see this year.

Record-breaking attendance nationwide

There are only two certainties – The DI Nationals will sell out and the University of Iowa will lead the nation in dual meet attendance. My first hope is for attendance at the National Wrestling Coaches Association All-Star Classic to top 8,900. Have you bought your tickets yet? Go to to order. Remember that if you want to support this pivotal event in the fight to save University of Oregon wrestling, but can’t attend, we’ve set up a program to give the tickets that you buy to kids and families that can be there. For more information go to or email me at

Your favorite team or event also needs you in the stands.

Dustin Schlatter wrestling Brent Metcalf at least 3 times

Has there ever been a more anticipated collegiate match-up? With all of the side drama surrounding this and the constant internet chatter, it will be great to finally see them compete.

More pins

Ben Askren’s graduation will make this tough, but I really want to see more pinning. Where have all of the pinners gone? With today’s rules and coaching styles will we ever again see another Schalles, Gable or Hodge? Will anyone ever repeat the Kinseth feat of pinning every opponent at both the Big Ten and National tournaments?

Less stalling

Please just stay in the center of the mat and wrestle. And, also – “What’s he doin’ on top?”

More video on the internet

The Big 10 Network, CSTV and Iowa Public Television will broadcast 20 – 25 college total meets this year. Not only does this give us an opportunity to see teams we might not see until tournament time, their websites frequently post selected matches.

Even with that, there are not enough matches on the web. Potential young fans are accidentally stumbling across Tsirtsis vs Griffin when looking for the WWE. The more matches available, the more likely to eventually draw them to a college wrestling event.

Oh yeah, here’s Tsirtsis vs Griffin at the 2007 National Duals.

A Hawkeye national championship

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